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How To Order

1. Select Your Card

The first thing we recommend you do is select your category and browse through the designs and pick which card you would like. When you’ve decided upon one, navigate to that card and select the quantity and verse (where applicable).

2. Finalize Order & Proceed To Checkout

The next step is to finalise your order selections and proceed to checkout. At the checkout, you will be able to add in details about your loved one you wish to remember. You’ll then be able to add your details for delivery, contact and payment.

3. Deposit Payment

The next thing you need to do is make your payment. You can then make your first payment (€15.00) and we will send you your sample products. This is the deposit for your order.


4. Pay The Final Invoice

The final step is to pay the full amount, which will be sent to you automatically. We will send you the balance reminder. You will need to pay this in order for us to proceed with your order.


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